Dragon Ball Super Episode 10

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August 11, 2015

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 10

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Dragon ball Super Episode 10 – Title: Show me, Goku ! The power of Super Saiyan God !!

Goku has finally reached Super saiyan God transformation , Goku is now able to fight beerus. Goku needs to get used to his new ”GOD” power. with the matter of time goku will be more stronger.


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  • Vignesh Mohan

    hehe first comment of the day…kame hame ha

  • Max

    it’s not hd 🙁

    • Felix Jones

      close enough

  • mallafato

    this is the best episode, drawings are way better now i hope they will improve the drawings good as dbz .

    • john

      are u kidding? lol pause at 9:50 goku looks like an ostrich!

  • AngryNigga23

    lmao yo i hate king kais voice

  • Dylan

    wow, we actually get to see them fight?

  • ZeroFreezer705

    The movie was better -_-

  • Chrome BattleAxe

    Fucking Dragonball Z looked better than this.. Come one toe! -_-

    • Chrome BattleAxe

      Oh well. At least this fight was 1000x better than the one on episode 5

  • I feel like Dragon Ball Super is:

    1.) Rushing through it’s first saga.
    2.) Extremely uneven paced (the episodes as often boring).
    3.) In need of a longer run-time (compared to episodes of Z it’s several minutes shorter).
    4.) Underpinned by the movies which had a much longer run-time and focused alot more heavily on the fighting and upbeat pace). Naturally by comparison, they make these episodes look badly.
    5.) being made on a much smaller budget than any of the past Dragon Ball television series – and as a result, we are getting a much less heart-felt, cheaper looking, and somewhat uneven product.


      You seem like a very negative person. Try to stay positive and good things will fall into place.

      Just thought you might need to know that.

      • AugustAPC

        lol… are you serious?

  • Chucky


    • Super Goku

      Because the power is still new for him that’s why he isn’t able to fight at his full potential

  • Randy Heetai

    king kai needs to stfu he sounds like and old fk

  • Samuel Vijverberg

    I think this was one hell of a boing episode GJ GOKU YOU DIDN’T REACH ANY FUCKING THING

    • Samuel Vijverberg


  • Tony Valentino

    King Kai is screaming and shit but his voice sounds like he is sleeping lol.

    • LadyKayura

      Word. King Kai sounds like a Japanese Ben Stein.


    Some people need to stop bitching… (especially the sad person named “…”) I haven’t watched DragonBall in years until I watched Battle of Gods and I just finished 11 episodes in 4 days right after watching the movie. It could use more time but it’s pace is good enough for me as I already have seen the movie, and I really want to see what’s going on with the new saga approaching. I love learning more about the characters and the past of DragonBall and overall I feel like I got some pretty good messages from this series so far. It’s amazing how i’m still hooked on Dragon Ball like if I didn’t ever stop watching, a little childish but we all have our flaws. Not complaining at all, just wish I could watch the entire season already but I’ve been patient before.


      Maybe I watch DragonBall in a totally different way than most do.
      You live and you learn.

  • Fahad Khan

    when will be the dubbed version of dragon ball super release?

  • Justin Blades

    Well, i liked the movie and i would say this is alright so far but i am worried they will go short of expanding past the second new movie.