Dragon Ball Super Episode 1

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Dragon ball Super episode 1 – Title:  The World Peace Prize. Who is getting the 100 Million Zeni?!

After Goku defeated Majin Boo, peace has returned to Earth .The first episode begins ! Chi-Chi wants Goku to get a job, Goku works as a radish farmer. Meanwhile, Son Goten along with his friend Trunks are looking for a present for Videl, soon to be his sister-in-law when his older brother is getting married . Meanwhile Beerus destroy’s a half of an random planet because he didn’t like the food of the planet after that Beerus is heading to the planet Earth


  • Ibrahim Mininall

    I the first? That’s a first.

  • A great first episode.

  • Steven Essex

    i feel like im watching the movie again…

  • Nuclear Havoc

    Super has arrived

  • Kyle Heichert

    doesnt work

  • Shard 17

    I can;t find an english subbed version anywhere!?!

    • Tomg

      you mean dubbed? this is subbed

      • trilltrell

        do you know where to get the dubbed version

  • Trevor Cartmill-Endow

    Omg im Sooo exited to watch this series I nearly wet myself cause I’m such a big fan. But you know who isn’t 😉 Intro was hilarious introducing goku and goten too lol

  • Mohit Chaurasia

    how to download these episodes??

    • Lakshay Mittal

      install internet download manager in your pc

    • VenomSnake421

      Mozilla Firefox

  • Willdaberry Blue

    O yeah man!!! SUPER!!!

  • 1999

    Thank you

  • Ricky Moore II

    This really sucks. I’ve waited through 4 fricken advertisements to start watching.

    Can you say “Click Farming”?

    • Tielar

      i didn’t have to wait through any adds i just clicked out of them XD

  • Pipe Dreams

    word im bout to download this believe that

  • faik


  • sycksyde

    wont close ad or play just sends me to advertisements and one tried downloading Trojan horse virus

  • Leo

    Is this dialog in English or is it just English subtitles

    • Brian Richard Layher Jr.

      Only subs on all of them

  • trilltrell

    does anyone know where to get the english dubbed version

  • Brian Richard Layher Jr.

    Starting over in the series to refresh my memory on events past.