Dragon Ball Super Epiosde 59

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September 25, 2016
  • Alex

    Wow who knew Bures was Abel to destroy someone that easy

    • KILVA

      All of the Supreme Kais, other Gods and Whis/Vados lol.

      • Ikhsan Ks

        i think he’s a kai in training so it don’t effect other gods. He don’t even have the earring that makes him a Supreme kai

  • Simon

    who knew that whis had that glove

  • StaticalJam583

    No subs?? Countdown is over though…

    • Flaming_Fox69

      sub comes out when the sub countdown is over

  • yas

    wanna not spoil shit right under the episode man… seriously

    • Alex

      Don’t read the comments before watching if you don’t want spoilers

    • Brandon Nehr

      don’t read the comments then its common sense…

    • KILVA

      Even take a modern web browser, right click the Disqus comment section, Inspect Element, then delete the header that says
      Then the entire comment section – spoilers and all – will disappear until you refresh.

      Whatever you do, just don’t bitch. You have a choice whether or not to read this shit before you watch the video.

  • Michael H

    the struggle was REAL.. waiting for this episode!

  • yas

    i read the comments for info about the episode release as it did not come out last week, not trying to be rude, its just kind of a bad place to post spoilers

    • KILVA

      Nah it’s the perfect place to post spoilers. An example of a bad place would be Facebook, where they might not even want to be reading anything about DBS. This is a good place because it’s the comment section located directly below the video.
      If ever there was a place to discuss your fresh thoughts about the video, it’s on the same page as the video.

  • Felix Aponte

    Thank you Yas this dude almost ruined it for me thank God i saw yours first so i got a chance to see that bad ass part. When idiots like that spoil a show i suggest posting a bunch of comments after it that way people know.



  • Twade0593

    Finally get to see Beerus acting like the badass God of Destruction. I wish there were more displays of his true power…

  • Twade0593

    Oh and why the fuck would somebody read all the comments before watching the video? Seems pretty fucking stupid to me. It’s pretty simple; watch the episode then comment about it below and read what other people thought about it. It’s just plain fucking dumb to do it the other way around. Why else would there be a comment section? lol

  • stefanALASKAtaylor

    i loved the part where beerus went all sensei on that lil doooosh

  • comeonbaby

    up this if you rewind back to 19:03 after watching

  • Gyon van Dam

    Beerus is even more my fav now

  • Devon Darden

    So who you think is the real Goku Black??? If you had access to the next episode stay quiet, otherwise…any thoughts?

  • Angelo Guance

    Cant play why this is bullshit